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Pre Surgical

Pre-Operative Information

Same Day Surgery

When a minor procedure is planned, occasionally the surgery can be performed on the same day as your examination/consultation. If minor procedures are performed, such as uncomplicated extraction of teeth, biopsy, or removal of small lesions of the mouth, a local anesthetic or “numbing” medication is used. 

Other more complicated procedures, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, multiple extractions, implant placement, and bone graft jaw augmentation are more appropriately treated with IV sedation or IV anesthesia. This requires special preparation, and is often scheduled for a day other than your consultation date.

Pre-Anesthesia Instructions

For patients who have had prior consultation and will be utilizing IV sedation or IV anesthesia, it is important to follow these instructions. Deviation from these instructions can result in a situation that can cause harm or injury to the patient and could cause prolonged healing after the surgery.

  • The patient must have nothing to eat or drink for six to eight hours prior to surgery and anesthesia.
  • The patient must be accompanied to the office by a responsible adult who can remain in the office during the procedure and is able to drive the patient home after surgery/anesthesia.
  • It is advisable to have the parent or responsible adult remain with the patient for several hours after surgery and anesthesia.
  • The patient should not operate dangerous equipment or drive a motor vehicle for 24 hours after receiving anesthetic medications.
  • The patient should wear loose-fitting clothing with short sleeves and button-down-the-front shirt/blouse (or t-shirt) to allow optimal placement of monitors and IV line.
  • The patient should wear low-heeled or flat-sided shoes. Do not wear high heels or platform shoes.
  • Patients should NOT wear jewelry or make-up for surgery.
  • The patient must remove all oral piercing type jewelry including tongue, lip posts, and rings.
  • DO NOT bring valuables to the office. Leave any purses, wallets, cell phones, watches at home or with your adult escort. Do not bring unnecessary valuables to the office.
  • We encourage patients to practice normal hygiene, including tooth and tongue brushing prior to surgery. DO NOT swallow any of the water or take a drink of water when you cleanse or rinse your mouth.
  • Patients should remove contact lenses prior to coming to the office for surgery- bring your eyeglasses instead.
  • DO NOT wear or apply body lotion or powder. This can affect lead connection for the heart monitors used during sedation and anesthesia.